Pushchairs, also referred to as baby buggies or strollers, are different to a pram in that they will typically have a lie-back seat or a reclining bucket seat.  Pushchairs are specifically designed to ease mobility when out and about with your baby. They ensure that both you and your baby remain comfortable even when on the move.

pushchairsPushchairs come with several features to suit different situations. When choosing a pushchair, consider your baby’s weight, age, as well as the terrain you will be on. Parents with multiple babies can also explore double buggies and twin pushchairs. The aspect of versatility is unquestionable so you can meet your ideal needs, wants, and preferences. However, it is important that you do not compromise on safety, durability, and functionality.

There are different types of pushchairs on the market that seek to meet different needs and different lifestyles. There are four types of pushchairs on the market. These include:

Three-in-One/Two-in-One Pushchair

These are designed to suit newborns and the seat will face you or the other direction. You can fold them up for easy transportation though they can be bulky and heavy.

All-Terrain Pushchairs

These pushchairs are designed to serve your needs in the outdoors. Their wheels are chunky and come with great suspension so you and baby can enjoy a smooth ride even on a rough terrain. They are generally large than other pushchairs.

Travel Systems

Travel systems come complete with a pushchair chassis, a carrycot, as well as a car seat attachment making it versatile. This will meet your travel needs. However, the only drawback is that when buying for a young baby, they might outgrow it fast.

Double or Tandem Pushchairs

This type of pushchair is designed to accommodate older babies or multiple babies. They come in different sizes so be sure to check on sizes to fit places you will be going with this pushchair, such as shops or supermarket aisles.

There are several pushchairs in the market and you must look into what you need before going out to purchase. They offer different functions so they meet your lifestyle. When looking for a pushchair, you need to consider your baby’s weight and age. Take a look at ten of the best pushchairs on the market. Make sure above all when you are choosing a pushchair that you don’t compromise on quality and safety.

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