Baby Prams

There are a wide range of baby prams available on the market for new parents today. With all of the many pram features, it can be confusing to know which pram you should choose. This guide to the best prams features the different types of prams available and the best prams on the market for your baby.

Double Prams

baby pramsA double pram is like a stroller that allows you to push a baby and a toddler in two different sections of the stroller. The double pram usually has a detachable part for the baby that can act as a baby carry cot that the baby can sleep in for a while if you are, for example visiting somewhere.

Twin Prams

Twin prams are strollers that are attached side by side. They are made to seat two babies or children. Parents often use these kinds of prams if they have twins or if they have two small children of similar age.

3 in 1 Prams

The 3 in 1 pram is very versatile indeed. It has a baby car seat that can be detached to secure your baby in the car or that can be used with the pram. The pram also has a section that can convert to a carry cot bed for baby. The pram is made of a solid structure to be able to transport your baby in the pram seat directly if your child outgrows the car seat portion.

Travel System Prams

Travel system prams come with a car seat for baby, the main pram, and a baby carry cot, so that your child will be as comfortable as possible. This is great is you travel frequently, or find yourself in and out of the car on long journeys. These prams often come with a rain cover.

Lightweight Prams

Lightweight prams are simple and straightforward to use. They have a place for your baby or child to sit, but they usually do not come with a car seat or a carry cot for the baby. They are great to use when you need to run errands with baby in tow. The lightweight prams often have some sort of storage on the back to put baby’s nappy changing bag, shopping and your purse.

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