Baby Bottles

There are many varieties of baby bottles in the current market. Finding the perfect feeding bottle for your baby can be hard. Whether your goal is to find a bottle that doesn’t cause your baby to spit up, burp, or one that doesn’t leak, it will mean trying out a few before you settle for the right one. There really is no guarantee that your baby will love the same feeding bottle as you – so be prepared to try a few different brands and styles of baby bottles.

baby bottlesYou will probably use a bottle in your child’s first year, after that you might decide to switch to a sippy cup. In that first year, you need to find a baby bottle that is easy for your baby to hold – and easy for you to clean as well.

Below are the major types of baby bottles you can consider. Many of these bottles use varying flow rates that you can change as your baby grows without having to buy a new bottle. In some cases, you can use tops from different brands on a bottle.

Standard Baby Bottles

baby bottlesThese baby bottles are available in two basic sizes – 4 or 5 ounces (for infants) and 8 to 9 ounces (for older babies). They come in a classic shape with straight or slightly curved sides. The bottles can be made from glass or plastic and they often come with a cover to protect the nipple.

Angle-neck Baby Bottles

These baby bottles are bent at the neck and are very easy to hold.

Wide Baby Bottles

baby bottlesThese baby bottles are slightly shorter and broader than the standard bottles. Most of these bottles can accommodate a variety of nipples.

Baby Bottles with Disposable Liners

Here, a disposable liner is fitted inside a nurser. The liner reduces the tendency for air bubbles to form. Liners are available in different sizes.

Premium Baby Bottles

These bottles are very eye catching and are characterised by their unique designs.

Natural-flow Baby Bottles

These bottles have a two-piece straw vent system in the centre of the bottle. The straw eliminates the vacuum that sometimes forms when a baby sucks preventing air bubbles.

Stainless Steel Baby Bottles

Just as the name suggests, these baby bottles are made from stainless steel material.

Glass Baby Bottles

Some people prefer using glass to plastic bottles – particularly with all of the current discussions about the safety of using plastic for food and drink.