Baby Blankets

Baby blankets are an essential item for your new baby and with so many varieties to choose from, you need to do your research. There are fluffy baby blankets, thin blankets and even baby blankets made of bamboo. Which ones are a worthwhile investment for you and your baby? Do you really need every kind of baby blanket on the market? Below are different types of baby blankets, their materials, and their functions.

baby blanketsPlease read on to educate yourself further on one of the most important items you will purchase for your new baby.

Baby blankets aren’t just typical fleece or cotton anymore – there are many more options available. In fact it is important to note that baby blankets aren’t just for covering your baby when they are cold. They serve many functions – you might be surprised to learn that some baby blankets are actually made to calm your infant as well as keep the chill off.

Receiving Baby Blankets

baby blanketsThese multipurpose blankets are very handy to have. They are made of fleece or cotton and come in many colours. They are handy to catch feeding dribbles and to lay down on surfaces when changing baby’s nappy. Some are also large enough for swaddling. They are also handy to use during warmer months as a cover so your infant doesn’t over heat.


Swaddling Blankets

These are large blankets, made of muslin or bamboo. They are thin and large enough to swaddle your baby from birth until almost the first year. Babies love being swaddled, it reminds they of being in the womb. These blankets are ideal for an infant with colic. They come in a variety of colours and are very durable.

Baby Sleeping Blankets

These are a sack type blanket with a zipper. They are typically made of fleece and are a safe alternative to a typical blanket for sleeping. These promote safe sleeping, as they don’t pose risk of the baby’s face being covered when they are sleeping. They are thick and warm. You don’t need another blanket with these when the baby is sleeping. These are ideal during cold winter months. Some of these also come with velcro wings to allow you to swaddle baby.

Travel Seat Covers

These are another type of baby blanket. These come in a variety of patterns and colours. They are meant to cover the infant’s travel seat and protect baby from the weather. They typically clip onto the top of the travel seat and have either a zipper to allow baby’s head to peak out, or they are free flowing and easily allow you to uncover baby once you get them into the car or where ever you may be traveling.

Quilts and Duvets

These are the final type of baby blanket. These should be avoided when baby is sleeping in the crib. They should only be used as decoration until the baby is older and not at risk for SIDS. They come in a variety of colours and patterns and are meant to match the nursery decor.