Baby Bibs

As any parent knows, baby bibs are an absolutely essential piece of kit. Having a baby in the home invariably leads to a bit of a mess! Using a baby bib protects the baby’s clothes and can help keep parents sane by cutting down on the amount of washing that needs to be done in a day.

Keeping a stack of clean bibs handy means mum or dad can simply take off the bib after dinner and throw it in the washing machine or dishwasher, or simply wipe clean depending on the material, leaving baby’s clothes new and fresh for a little longer.

The bib, without a doubt, is a baby item that every guardian should have on hand. There are several bibs available to buy today. Here are the most popular bibs and their uses:

Regular Baby Bibs

baby bibsThese are the ubiquitous bibs that can be picked up in any high street shop – and their usefulness shouldn’t be under rated! Regular bibs are usually made of soft terry towelling cloth and sit flush to the baby’s chest, keeping clothes safe.

As well as feeding, regular bibs are great for use any time of day, and fold up small for stashing in the diaper bag when out and about. Regular bibs are easy to find and usually cheap to buy and make the best all rounder bibs.

Feeding Baby Bibs

Once baby is big enough to sit in a high chair for dinner, a feeding bib, with a little more coverage than a regular bib, can work wonders in keeping things clean and neat. Feeding bibs are larger than regular bibs and are designed to provide maximum clothes coverage. They fasten around baby’s neck once he’s in his high chair, and keep things clean.

baby bibsMost feeding bibs are made of wipe clean material such as rubber, or may be plastic coated. Many designs come with a large front pocket that sits more or less horizontally and catches any spills as they happen. Feeding bibs tend to be heavier than other kinds, so are unsuitable for daily use. However, they will make feeding time much less messy and keep baby from wearing her dinner. A few feeding bibs are a must have!

Long Sleeved Baby Bibs

baby bibsA long-sleeved bib is handy for when mum and dad want maximum coverage. These bibs look like smocks and cover not only baby’s chest, but most of their clothes thanks to their longer length and long sleeves. It has an open back, for easy dressing and removal from your child (a blessing when it’s extra messy). This bib makes it nearly impossible for your little one to get food on themselves.

Long-sleeved bibs make it hard to spill anything on baby, making them a great choice not just for feeding times but for messy play such as arts and crafts. Mum or dad can enjoy quality play time with their baby without having to do a full clothes change after.

Drool Bibs

Drool bibs look like a small bandana that tie loosely around baby’s neck, with the triangle point resting on the chest. Drool bibs are small and don’t restrict baby’s movements, making them a great choice for wearing between feedings or when baby needs space to roam and explore her environment.

baby bibsDrool bibs also help to prevent drool rash. They gather gently around the neck and the folds catch small amounts of drool. That means drier clothes and a drier, happier baby, too. Drool bibs are often made of soft cotton or other absorbent and easy to wash materials.

The drool bib is much smaller then the traditional feeding bib and tend to be made out of more aesthetically pleasing fabrics, as it is more of a day to day wear for your baby. Not only are they super cute – they’re functional!

For the new or experienced parents, a range of bibs is a great idea. A couple of feeding bibs combined with a stack of soft regular and drool bibs, and perhaps a long sleeved bib or two, will ensure parents and baby are ready for any eventuality.