Bringing A New Baby Home

Bringing a baby back into your home, especially if it is a first born child can seem almost to literally turn your lives upside down. Sometimes a new baby can drastically alter a household even if he or she has older siblings, that seem to have been very quiet or undemanding in comparison. Being a parent is something that no manual or instruction booklet can prepare a person for.

Buying new baby stuff is certainly no easy task. There are many things to take into consideration.

Feeding Your Baby

A baby will certainly let you know when it is hungry. Whether you have decided to breastfeed your baby or are using baby milk formula it is best to have milk in bottles.

bringing a new baby homeIf breastfeeding, it is a good idea to have an express breast pump so that there is enough milk to feed your baby at any time of the day or of the night. Whenever a bottle is prepared you need to make sure it has been sterilised, if it has not your baby may be more prone to illness and upset stomachs. Buy yourself a steriliser, and maybe even a microwave steriliser so that you can give your baby a bottle as quickly as you can. If you travel a lot with your baby you may want to consider investing in a travel steriliser.

Baby Sleeping Cots

bringing a new baby homeYou will need somewhere for your baby to sleep, whether they sleep in a nursery or they sleep in your bedroom. Popular choices for babies to sleep in include cots, travel cots, and Moses baskets. However, there is a chance that they will quite quickly grow out of a Moses basket. Cots are good for babies to sleep in, when they are not hungry, teething, or in need of a clean nappy. If you do travel a bit, or tend to visit family and friends consider using a travel cot all of the time – that way, your baby wis moe likely to get used to the cot and their bedding, hopefully meaning that they will sleep better. Put in cuddly toys to stimulate your baby too.

Pushchairs and Prams

bringing a new baby homeThere is plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a pushchair or a pram – each one different depending on what you will mostly be using it for. You can choose big pushchairs, little ones, or even three wheeled ones. There are some basic pushchairs and some larger ones that sometimes have more features than some family cars. You may even consider having more than one pushchair. For instance a larger pushchair when you are taking your baby for a walk, or a lighter one that is easy to fold up and down if you are traveling by public transport. As your baby grows you will have to buy larger pushchairs due to them weighing more.

Baby Nappies

bringing a new baby homeSomething you should never be without where babies are concerned are nappies. You will need nappies soon after your baby is born, and certainly in your home for when you return from the hospital. First time parents may not believe just how many nappies newborn babies can go through in such a short space of time. In fact changing nappies is something that you soon get experienced in doing.

Disposable nappies are something that most parents soon come to rely upon. You will learn to carry a supply of nappies with you wherever you travel with your baby. You may also quickly learn, which stores sell nappies when you have to buy a pack in an emergency when you are out because the last one has already been used. Parents quickly work out the places that offer rooms for nappy changes as well, which is better than keeping your baby in a dirty nappy as you could not find anywhere to change them. Wherever you have nappies also make sure that you have baby wipes, nappy bags, and nappy rash cream.

Baby Baths

bringing a new baby homeA baby bath is essential – something that isn’t too deep and allows them to sit up so that your hands are free to wash them and support them when needed. You will also need baby towels. Having approximately 3 or 4 would be beneficial as they will get used quite often and not just for purposes of bathing. Having a bath towel allows you to keep your baby warm after a bath as well as to dry him/her off. A baby cleanser is another essential for bathing supplies. You will need a liquid baby cleanser that will protect the baby’s skin. Babies have sensitive skin so it is important to buy a cleanser that is mild. There are baby shampoos and soaps you can buy which are perfect for bathing infants.

Baby Safety

Your new child’s health and safety is of upmost importance. Health and safety supplies for you and your newborn may range from medical devices to household products. They include the following:

  • First aid-kit (keep it stocked as you use the items in it)
  • Safe teething toys (quantity of 3 or 4 that you baby can chew on to ease their teething discomfort)
  • Digital thermometer (quantity of 1)
  • Baby nail clippers (1 pair in order to safely cut the child’s nails)
  • Outlet covers on exposed outlets around the house and safety gates (you will need these once the baby starts crawling or walking)
  • Cupboard and drawer latches so that curious toddlers cannot get into cupboards that may have dangerous items such as household cleaners or sharp objects in them
  • Baby monitors – you will need a pair – one for where you are and another for the baby’s location.

Baby Travel Bags

bringing a new baby homeFinally consider buying a travel bag. These bags are usually big enough to put a few baby essentials. For example a spare set of clothes, a few nappies, wipes, nappy bags, teething ring, and may be even a travel steriliser for the bottles of milk.